Acharya Ajay Bijlwan Surkanda Devi , Know who is Ajay Bijlwan

 Tehri Garhwal : The darbar of Baba Bageshwar Dham Sarkar has been in headlines for the past several months. It is said that miracles happen here.

Acharya Ajay Bijlwan Surkanda Devi

Let us now also tell you about the darbar held in Uttarakhand, about which few people know, but those who know have full faith in the darbar and they say that they have seen miracles happening here. The darbar of Bhagwat Acharya Ajay Bijlwan Maharaj, a worshiper of Maa Surkanda Devi, is held in the Munikireti area in Rishikesh, about which a lot is being talked about on social media these days. In this darbar held on Sundays, those people often come to mark their presence, who were blessed with a child by the grace of Maa Surkanda Devi. Many people say that he was in the ICU due to illness, but the mother gave him life. The darbar of Maa Surkanda Devi is held near Bhuvaneshwari Temple Bhajangarh in Rishikesh.

Acharya Ajay Bijlwan Surkanda Devi

Acharya Ajay Bijlwan, a doli worshiper of Mother Surkanda Devi, is a resident of Tehri. He received his education from Darshan Mahavidyalaya, Rishikesh. He tells that from the age of just four, the blessings of the Goddess started showering on him. Along with this, his presiding deity Ghantakarna Maharaj and Kuldevi Maa Bhuvaneshwari have also blessed him. It is told that Surkanda Devi incarnates on them. Sachin Dabral, the chief priest of the temple, says that Acharya Ajay Bijalwan has been blessed by Maa Surkanda Devi since childhood. Ever since he was a college student, he has been doing welfare of the people every Sunday by holding a divine darbar . These days his court is being discussed a lot on social media.

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