Hindi Journalism Day 2023: Know why Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated

Hindi Journalism Day 2023  is celebrated every year on May 30 to commemorate the publication of the first Hindi newspaper, Udant Martand, on May 30, 1826. The newspaper was edited and published by Jugal Kishor Shukla, who is considered the father of Hindi journalism.

Hindi Journalism Day 2023 : Today, on May 30, Hindi journalism will complete 197 years. Let us inform that Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated every year on this day i.e. 30th May. Today we are going to tell you about the beginning of Hindi journalism on this occasion. Although it is difficult to say how old Hindi journalism is, but it is believed that Hindi journalism originated with ‘Udant Martand’. On this day in the year 1826, the first publication of this Hindi language newspaper started from Kolkata. Please inform that Udant Martand started as a weekly magazine. Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla, a lawyer by profession and born in Kanpur district of UP, was its editor.

Please inform that in the era of 1820, letters were published in Bengali, Urdu and many Indian languages. At the same time, some parts of Bengali Darpan, published in 1819, used to be published in Hindi as well, but “Udant Martand” has the distinction of being the first Hindi newspaper.

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Here are some quotes and slogans that can be used to mark Hindi Journalism Day:

“Journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy.”

“A free press is essential for a free society.”

“Journalists are the watchdogs of the public.”

“Journalism is a noble profession.”

“We must stand up for the freedom of the press.”

On this Hindi Journalism Day, let us all pledge to support the free press and to uphold the ideals of journalism. Let us work together to ensure that the truth is told and that the public is informed.

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