G20 Summit 2023 : Lockdown will be imposed in Delhi between 8th and 10th September! Know what Delhi Police said

G20 Summit 2023: The national capital Delhi is all set for the G20 summit. All the preparations have been completed. As the conference is approaching, all preparations are being made by the capital police to conduct the two-day program and to ensure smooth traffic during this period. Heads of many countries will come to the Bharat Mandapam in the Pragati Maidan complex for the G-20 Summit to be held on 9 and 10 September.

Many restrictions have been imposed in the national capital Delhi for this global event. Earlier a memorandum was issued regarding this in which it was told that lockdown will be imposed in Delhi during this conference. But now Delhi Police has now issued a clarification saying that essential services will remain operational in the New Delhi area during the two-day summit. Delhi Police has appealed not to pay attention to rumours.

Delhi Police has rejected the idea of a lockdown in Delhi between 8 and 10 September. According to the police, some restrictions will be imposed in Delhi during the G-20 summit, but there will be no lockdown.

According to police, restrictions on traffic and parking will be imposed in some parts of New Delhi during the G-20 summit. Apart from this, some government offices and schools will also remain closed. However, there will be no restrictions on the movement of common people.

Police have requested people to check their itineraries before traveling to Delhi during the G-20 summit.

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What did Delhi Police say in the tweet?

Putting an end to the rumors related to lockdown, Delhi Police said in a tweet, ‘Entire Delhi is open, restrictions will be imposed only in a small part of NDMC area. It has come to our notice that some news agencies are using misleading headlines to misinterpret and propagate the sanctions being imposed in the wake of the G-20 Summit. Due to which a situation of confusion is being created in the minds of the general public and news readers. It is reiterated that the restrictions have been imposed only in a small part of the NDMC area. We request that news agencies publish accurate details as per our directories, so that no ambiguity arises.’


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