Salman Khan Hit and Run Case ,The hit and run case is still fresh in Salman Khan’s heart.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case , In 2002, actor Salman Khan was convicted in a hit-and-run case. In this case, Khan was sentenced to four years in prison. However, he was later released on bail.

This incident happened on 28 September 2002 in Mumbai. That day, Khan was in a pub with his friend Neeraj Bhan. When they were returning home late at night, Khan’s car hit two people standing outside a dhaba. One person died and another was injured in this accident.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case
Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

The police arrested Khan and detained him. Khan initially denied the accident, but later admitted that he had consumed alcohol while driving the car.

In 2006, Khan was convicted in the case and sentenced to four years in prison. However, he was released on bail and is still out on bail in this case.

This case has been going on for many years and is still pending. Khan’s lawyer has filed an appeal in the case and is hopeful that the High Court will reduce the sentence.

After the accident, Khan founded a non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at spreading awareness about road safety. He has also conducted many road safety campaigns through this organization.

Since the accident, Khan’s image has suffered greatly. However, he has restarted his career and is still a successful actor in Bollywood.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case
Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

what did salman say

Salman Khan told that, that accident happened in my car and I was also present in that car. You can probably never guess that every time I go down that road I feel a lot of pain. The poor innocents were sleeping, our driver was driving, I was sitting behind. Our police security was sitting in front.

What happened that day…

This case happened in the year 2002. Salman Khan was also arrested in this case. One person died and three were seriously injured in this accident. Initially Salman was accused of this, but then it was found out that Salman Khan’s driver was driving at that time and then Salman Khan’s driver was punished.

Ameesha also talked about this

Recently, Ameesha gave an interview and during that time she told how her and Salman’s film Yeh Hai Jalwa had flopped due to Salman Khan’s hit and run. Talking to Bollywood Hungama, Ameesha said that this film was very well made. Salman also looked very good in the film, but then it flopped because Salman’s hit and run case was going on in the same year.

Salman Khan’s fans were shocked at that time

Ameesha said, ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa is one of David Dhawan’s best films. Salman had never looked so handsome and the music was also very good, but I think the audience was very disappointed after seeing the news given by the media at that time because the fans could not hear anything wrong about their favorite actors. Salman Khan’s accident was in the news at that time, hence this film was sidelined. If that accident had not happened, the film would have run well.


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