Seema Haider opened many secrets while crying after ATS interrogation

Seema Haider : Pakistani Seema Haider, Hindustani Sachin and the love story of both. These days the name of this couple is on everyone’s lips across the country. Seema has come to India after fleeing from Pakistan. Many people are reaching his house to meet him. Seema and her boyfriend Sachin are also meeting everyone. During this, Seema shared many shocking things with the media. Seema has given many reasons for not going back to Pakistan, let us know why Seema Haider is afraid of knowing Pakistan…

Seema told the truth crying

When Seema was asked that she came here after taking so much risk, you did not feel any fear, what will she do if she is sent to Pakistan, then she said crying that she will die, but will not go back to Pakistan. He further told that he has no one there. There was only one brother for whom I was a problem. She is alone.

He has sisters who are happy in their life and will remain so. She has to live in India with her Sachin, she further said – she will stay at home and cook food for Sachin and Sachin will do the job. Now this video is going viral on social media. You can also watch the video below…

During this, Seema told many shocking things. Seema gave several reasons for not going back to Pakistan. One reason is that she does not want to be separated from Sachin. She considers him as her husband and wants to live here in India just by becoming his wife. The second reason given by him for not going to Pakistan will blow anyone’s senses. Seema said, “If I go back to Pakistan, I am certain to die, but I will not be given a normal death there.”

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