Student Union Election Result Announced Aryan Group won

Student Union Election Result : Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)’s winning streak has been broken after 14 years in DAV PG College, Dehradun. In this election, Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu, who rebelled against NSUI and contested under the banner of Aryan Chhatra Sangathan, has won the post of President by defeating ABVP’s Yashwant.

Student Union Election Result

Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu’s victory is important in many ways. First of all, this is a big blow to ABVP. DAV PG College is the largest college of Uttarakhand and student union elections have great importance here. ABVP had won the post of President here continuously for the last 14 years. Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu’s victory will reduce the dominance of ABVP.

Secondly, the victory of Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu is also a big victory for the Aryan student organization. Aryan Student Organization is a new student organization which was formed only last year. The victory of Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu will give a new identity to the Aryan student organization and it can play a major role in student politics in the coming times.

Student Union Election Result
Student Union Election Result

Thirdly, the victory of Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu is also a big blow for NSUI. Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu was close to NSUI. But NSUI could not handle him and he joined Aryan Students Organization. The victory of Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu will also raise questions on the image of NSUI.

Many MLAs and ministers were working behind the scenes in favor of ABVP in DAV PG college elections. But still the victory of Siddharth Aggarwal Sidhu proved that the wind of change is now blowing in student politics.

ABVP’s defeat in the student union elections in DAV PG College, Dehradun after 14 years is an important event. This defeat happened due to many reasons.

  1. First of all, DAV College is a big and reputed college, where students come from different ideologies. ABVP’s authoritarian and fundamentalist image did not attract many students.

  2. Second, NSUI rebel Siddharth Agarwal Sidhu made his mark as a young and energetic candidate. He raised the problems of DAV College students and made concrete promises to solve them.

  3. Thirdly, the student movement against ABVP was also an important factor. Over the years, there have been several student movements against the ABVP, which have damaged the reputation of the ABVP among students.

NSUI could not handle Sidhu, who was close to NSUI. This means that there is a great dissatisfaction in NSUI also. NSUI needs to resolve its internal disputes and formulate concrete programs to address the problems of the students.

Many MLA ministers were also working behind the scenes in favor of ABVP in DAV elections. From this it becomes clear that ABVP is very close to political parties. ABVP needs to shed its political affiliations and emerge as an independent voice for students.

Overall, ABVP’s defeat in DAV College is a significant development. This defeat is a challenge to the growing popularity of ABVP. ABVP needs to improve its image and prepare concrete programs to solve the problems of students.

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