Auger machine used in rescue of Uttarkashi Tunnel destroyed

Auger machine : The American auger machine that raised great hopes in Uttarkashi tunnel rescue became junk.

The American auger machine which raised great hopes in Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue is now junk. The blades of the auger machine were badly damaged while removing the iron rods and pipes found in the debris of the Silkyara Tunnel during drilling. International tunneling expert Arnold Dix himself said that the auger machine is no more. It has become junk.

Arnold Dix said that the blades of the auger machine were completely damaged after hitting the iron rods and pipes. To replace these blades, the auger machine will have to be completely disassembled and repaired. This is a very difficult and long task. Apart from this, other parts of the auger machine may also get damaged during this period. In such a situation, it will not be possible to run the auger machine again.

Auger machine played an important role in Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue. This machine had drilled about 47 meters in the tunnel debris. After this drilling, it became easier for the rescue team to reach the workers trapped under the debris.

Now the rescue team is facing a big challenge due to the breakdown of the machine. The team will now have to find some other way to remove the debris.

Rescue team has two options

The rescue team has two options after the machine breaks down. The first option is for the team to get an machine from another country. The second option is for the team to use some other method to remove the tunnel debris.

The first option will cost both time and money. Apart from this, it is also possible that there may be a delay in bringing the new machine to India. In such a situation, the second option is considered more effective.

In the second option, the rescue team will have to use some other method to remove the debris from the tunnel. For this the team may have to use heavy machinery and equipment. This will be a challenging task, but the rescue team is committed to completing it.

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