Dehradun Canal Road Accident : Two Killed as Speeding Car Hits Buffaloes

Dehradun Canal Road Accident : Dehradun, 28 May 2024: A tragic accident occurred on Canal Road in Dehradun last night at 11:30 PM when a speeding car hit a herd of buffaloes. Two out of three buffaloes died on the spot in the accident, one of which was pregnant. According to locals, the boy who hit the buffaloes is said to be the son of a BJP Pradhan, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Dehradun Canal Road Accident
Dehradun Canal Road Accident

Details of the Incident

This accident on Canal Road last night has become a cause of great concern for the residents of Dehradun. Eyewitnesses said that the speeding car suddenly hit a herd of buffaloes, killing two buffaloes immediately and seriously injuring another. The condition of the injured buffalo is said to be critical.

Dehradun Canal Road Accident
Dehradun Canal Road Accident

Police Response

Upon receiving information about the incident, the Chitapur police from Rajpur police station reached the spot. The police arrested the accused and took him to the police station. However, locals say that the Rajpur police station is aware of the accused boys and will not take any strict action against them. The police have sent the accused for medical examination and it is expected that the accused will be released after investigation.

Dehradun Canal Road Accident
Dehradun Canal Road Accident

Concerns of Locals

Locals say that if the police do not take strict action in this matter, such accidents will continue to happen and the accused will continue to roam free without any fear. People have also expressed concern that the accident that happened with buffaloes yesterday could also happen with small children and local residents in the coming days. This is a matter of serious concern and appropriate steps should be taken for the safety of the people.

Issue of Action Against Intoxicated Accused

This accident also highlights how people driving under the influence of alcohol can pose a threat to road safety. It is important that the Dehradun police take this matter seriously and take strict action against the accused. If the police do not take any concrete steps in this matter, it will send the message that anyone can break the law with money and power.


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The accident on Canal Road in Dehradun is a serious issue and cannot be taken lightly. Locals are hoping for strict action from the police to prevent such accidents in the future. It is the responsibility of the police administration to take strict action against the culprits and ensure that the law is followed equally for all. This incident has also made it clear that immediate steps need to be taken to strengthen road safety and law and order.

Additional Points:

  • The accident has raised concerns about the safety of animals on the roads.

  • The incident has also highlighted the need for stricter traffic regulations and enforcement.

  • The local community is demanding justice for the victims and a strong message to be sent against such reckless driving.

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