Chief Minister Dhami added MOU worth Rs 10150 crore in the home ground of Chennai Super Kings

Global Investors Summit  : During the road show in Chennai with the aim of promoting Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami successfully signed investment agreements worth Rs 10150 crore with several industrial organizations.

In which Infinity Global will invest Rs 4000 crore, July Ventures will invest Rs 1000 crore. Investment and Kshana Group will invest Rs 1000 crore for setting up the cancer hospital. Sarvodaya Group of Hotels will also invest Rs 1000 crore for its expansion plans.

Additionally, Craft Smith India invested Rs 1000 crore, while SRM University signed an MoU worth Rs 600 crore. Refex Group agreed to invest Rs 500 crore, and Infla Movi Group agreed to invest Rs 250 crore. Additionally, Apollo Hospitals signed MoU to invest Rs 500 crore. MoUs worth Rs 200 crore were signed with TPCI and Rs 100 crore with Miltex Group. Till now, total MoUs worth Rs 64,725 crore have been signed.

These investments will give rise to development opportunities in various sectors like healthcare, hospitality, education and technology in Uttarakhand. The MoU with Apollo Hospital will pave the way for the progress of the state especially in advancing health facilities and services. The road show provided a platform for businesses to connect and strengthen partnerships that will contribute to the economic growth of Uttarakhand.

*Unique confluence of Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand*

During the road show, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami expressed his enthusiasm and highlighted the spiritual connection between Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand. He said that the presence of Jyotirlinga, the sacred symbol of Lord Shiva, at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and Kedarnath in Uttarakhand reflects the serene confluence of the two states.

Chief Minister Dhami said that this spiritual relationship will be nurtured and strengthened by promoting cooperation between Uttarakhand and Tamil Sangam. The partnership will aim to facilitate cultural exchanges, religious pilgrimages and other joint initiatives that will deepen ties between the two regions.

He stressed the importance of preserving and celebrating these shared spiritual heritages, to promote mutual understanding and harmony among the people of different parts of India. Chief Minister Dhami expressed his passion and enthusiasm to further develop this unique relationship between Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand for the benefit of both the states. Encouraged by this shared heritage, he called for greater unity and Resolved to work actively towards promoting understanding.

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