Dehradun : Bike riding mother and son narrowly escaped from coming under the truck in Dehradun, police’s promptness saved their lives

Dehradun :  A mother and son riding a bike narrowly escaped being run over by a truck in Dehradun. This accident happened near Rispana bridge in Nehru Colony police station area.

According to the incident, a mother and son riding a bike were passing through Rispana bridge. Just then, a speeding truck hit the bike. Mother and son riding a bike fell on the road after being hit by a truck. During this time, policemen came on the road to stop the truck.

If the policemen had not shown promptness, the mother and son riding the bike would have come under the truck. In this incident, the mother and son riding the bike have suffered minor injuries. He has been admitted to the hospital.

This incident once again underlines the importance of road safety. One should always be careful while walking on the road and follow traffic rules.

The promptness of the policemen in this incident is commendable. Because of him, the lives of the mother and son riding the bike were saved.

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