Dehradun: Forgive me parents, I am tired… 19-year-old daughter hanged herself after writing a suicide note.

sanjana sharma suicide note :  Forgive me mom and dad….I am tired…don’t want to live anymore. Writing all these things on a piece of paper, a 19-year-old girl hanged herself. When the relatives saw, he had already died. The police have kept the body in the mortuary for postmortem. His mobile is being scrutinised. Till now, the matter of suicide is coming to the fore after being troubled by the responsibilities of the house.

The incident took place in Clementtown police station area on Wednesday evening. SO Shishupal Singh Rana said, the control room had received information about the suicide of a girl in Mohabbewala. When the police arrived, the girl’s father Sunil Sharma was present. He told that he works in a company. His wife has gone to Delhi for some work.

sanjana sharma suicide note : The relatives lost their senses when they saw through the window

Daughter Sanjana Sharma (19) was at home with her brother. He calls Sanjana but she does not pick up. When he came home, the door of the room was closed. When he looked through the window, his senses flew away. Sanjana was hanged with the help of chunni. After breaking the door, brought down Sanjana and took her to the hospital. But, the doctors declared him dead.

SO told, a suicide note has been recovered at the house. In this he has apologized to the parents. It is being told that the girl used to work in a company. A day ago he had some dispute with his brother. After this he did not even eat food in the night. However, what are the real reasons for the suicide, it is being investigated.

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