Dehradun Jhande JI Mela : City circumambulation started today after flag hoisting

Dehradun Jhande JI Mela

After the ascension of Shri Jhande ji, on Tuesday, under the leadership of Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj, the city circumambulation started from the premises of Shri Darbar Sahib. More than 25 thousand sangat have reached to participate in the circumambulation.

A large number of people reached Shri Jhandeji fair. Sangats bowed down to Shri Jhanda Sahib and asked for vows. Sangats visited Shri Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj, Sajjadanshin of Shri Darbar Sahib and took blessings.

Dehradun Jhanda JI Mela
Dehradun Jhanda JI Mela

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On the other hand, Sangats who came from far and wide made huge purchases at the Shri Jhande ji fair. At the same time, some associates have also started returning. Fair administrator KC Juyal told that a large number of Sangats from country and abroad reach Shri Darbar Sahib for the Nagar Parikrama that starts on the third day of Shri Jhande ji’s ascension.

Dehradun Jhande JI Mela , This is the route of the parikrama

Shri Darbar Sahib, Saharanpur Chowk, Kanwali Road, SGRR Bindal, Tilak Road, Bindal Cut, Ghantaghar, Paltan Bazar, Lakkhibagh, Saharanpur Chowk, Bombay Bagh, Samadhi Sthal.

Prasad of gram, puffed rice and jaggery will be distributed to Sangat

Nagar Parikrama will reach Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, Bindal via Saharanpur Chowk, Kanwali Road. Here Prasad of gram, puffed rice and jaggery will be distributed to the Sangat. From here via Tilak Road, Tagore-Villa, Ghantaghar and from here via Paltan Bazar, it will reach Ritha Mandi, Sri Guru Ram Rai Public School Bombay Bagh via Luckhibagh Police Chowki. Here sugarcane prasad will be distributed to the Sangat. After this, after paying obeisance at the tomb of Brahmalin Shrimahant Sahiban, the city parikrama will be completed at 12 noon at Shri Darbar Sahib via Saharanpur Chowk.

Jhanda JI Mela History
Jhanda JI Mela History

People are very fond of green tea of Shri Darbar Sahib

Green tea from the tea gardens of Sri Darbar Sahib is very much liked by the Sangats. Special organic agricultural products such as pulses, rice and vegetables prepared by the team of Agriculture Department of Sri Guru Ram Rai University have also become the center of attraction. The people who came to the fair are very fond of green tea.

Glory of Guru and the boom of bhajan-kirtan

Guru Mahima and Bhajan-Kirtan were in full swing in the Sri Darbar Sahib premises since Monday morning. Devotees thoroughly enjoyed devotional songs like Nit Khair Manga Baba Ji Main Teri Dua Na Koi Hor Mangadi.. and Shabad singing.

Appeal to come forward for environmental protection

Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj gave the message to the Sangats to lead an ideal life. At the same time, he appealed to come forward for environment protection and become a participant in de-addiction. He also gave the knowledge of freedom from the bondage of birth and death and the secret of salvation.

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