Forest Gujjars who came from outside states took over the forest!

Forest Gujjars : Complaints about encroachment of VanGujjars.  land by forest coming from outside states are increasing in the forests of Uttarakhand. Houses, shops, religious places and madrassas are also being built by these Gujjars by occupying the forest land.

Uttarakhand Forest Department is taking strict action in this matter. The forest department team has demolished the encroachment done by Forest  in Tanda range with JCB. In this action, the Forest Department has demolished houses, shops, religious places and madrasas built by ForestGujjars.

The Forest Department says that occupying forest land is illegal. The forest department will not tolerate such encroachments. The Forest Department will continue to take such action in future also.

Forest wealth is being damaged due to encroachment by Gujjars. By encroaching on forest land, Van Gujjars are also destroying the habitat of wildlife. Due to encroachment of Gujjars, incidents of forest fire are also increasing.

The Forest Department needs to take strict steps to stop the encroachment of Gujjars. The Forest Department should take effective measures to drive out the Van from the forest land.

Van Gujjars are a nomadic pastoral community living in the Himalayan states of northern India. They traditionally rear buffalo and spend their lives in the forests. The population of Van Gujjars is about 20 lakh.

The history of Van is ancient. They have been living in the Himalayas since ancient times. The life of Forest Gujjars depends on forests. They use wood, grass and other resources from the forests. The society of Van is rich and complex. They have their own traditional laws and culture.

Van are often known to play an important role in the conservation of forests. They help protect forests from fires and preserve wildlife. However, forest are also often harassed by the forest department for encroachment. The Forest Department alleges that Van are illegally occupying the forest land.

The future of Van is uncertain. They play an important role in the conservation of forests, but they are often harassed by the forest department. Van need to fight for their rights and take steps to improve their lives.

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