Hindu Girl Offer Namaz: Hindu girl will read namaz, sought permission by filing a petition in the High Court

Hindu Girl Offer Namaz : Hindu Girl Offer Namaz: Reading Namaz is the most pious part of Muslim’s worship. It is being said that true Muslims offer Namaz five times a day. But have you ever seen or heard a Hindu offering Namaz? Generally such examples are very rare. But at this time, an interesting case has emerged from Uttarakhand promoting India’s Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb. In fact, here a Hindu girl has filed a petition in the Uttarakhand High Court seeking permission to offer Namaz.

The court has accepted the girl’s plea. The local police have been asked to provide security to a Hindu girl while offering her Namaz. When the judge wanted to know the reason for this interesting demand of a Hindu girl to offer Namaz, the girl explained her point very clearly.

Asked for permission to offer Namaz in Kaliyar Sharif

In fact, a Hindu girl has filed a petition in the Uttarakhand High Court seeking permission to offer Namaz at Kaliyar Sharif, a famous dargah in Haridwar. Along with this, he has also demanded protection from the court. The case was heard in the division bench of Senior Justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari and Justice Pankaj Purohit. The court directed to provide security to the girl. The next hearing of the matter will be on May 22.

Girl from Madhya Pradesh does job in Haridwar

The Hindu girl who sought permission to offer Namaz in the mosque is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. 22-year-old Bhavna works in a private company in Sidcul, Haridwar. Bhavna filed a petition in the Uttarakhand High Court saying that she feels like offering Namaz and she wants to offer Namaz in Kaliyar Sharif along with her colleague. However, when she goes to offer prayers at Piran Kaliyar, some organizations oppose her.

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Wants to offer Namaz with the boy working together

A Muslim youth named Farman (35 years) works in Bhavna’s office. She wants to offer Namaz with him in Kaliyar Sharif. But when she goes to Kaliyar Sharif to offer Namaz, some organizations there oppose her because she is a Hindu. In such a situation, the girl has filed a petition in the High Court demanding protection.



The girl told the matter of religious freedom

The girl has described offering Namaz as a matter of her religious freedom. During the hearing on Thursday, when the judge asked the reason for this, she said that she is influenced by him (Muslim colleague), so she wants to offer Namaz there. Bhavna told the court that she has not married nor does she want to change her religion. She is a follower of Hinduism and wants to worship in Kaliyar without any fear, financial gain, intimidation or pressure.

After listening to the girl, the judge ordered the police to provide security. The court said that before he goes to offer Namaz, he should give an application to the SHO of the police station concerned. SHO should provide them security.

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