India Reply To Pakistan UNGA : India showed mirror to Pakistan in United Nations General Assembly, said – vacate POK immediately

India Reply To Pakistan UNGA:  In the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations, India has once again slammed the nefarious country Pakistan. Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar once again raised the Kashmir issue on Friday i.e. 22 September, to which India has given a befitting reply to Pakistan.

In fact, Pakistan’s caretaker Anwar Ul Haq Kakar demanded the United Nations to pass a resolution on Kashmir and demand military intervention there. On this, on Saturday (September 23), India responded strongly to Pakistan.

There are many reasons behind India criticizing Pakistan in the United Nations. Some of these major reasons are as follows:

Kashmir issue: India believes that Pakistan is using the Kashmir issue for its own interests and is trying to prevent a peaceful solution through terrorism. India has demanded Pakistan to give up its claim on Kashmir and vacate the illegally occupied areas.

Terrorism in Pakistan: Pakistan is a major source of terrorism. Terrorist groups in Pakistan are carrying out terrorist attacks in India and other neighboring countries. India has demanded Pakistan to take concrete steps to stop terrorism.

Human rights violations in Pakistan: Human rights are being continuously violated in Pakistan. In particular, incidents of oppression against minorities are coming to light in Pakistan. India has demanded Pakistan to respect human rights.

Impact of India’s response

India’s reply to Pakistan has had a great impact on Pakistan. Pakistan fears being defamed internationally. Pakistan is facing questions on its stance against terrorism. Pakistan is also facing questions on its commitment to minority rights.

Conclusion for India

India has strengthened its position by lambasting Pakistan in the United Nations. India has shown that it is not ready to compromise with Pakistan on Kashmir issue, terrorism and human rights issues. India has given the message of standing strong to protect its interests.

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