Youtuber Manish Kashyap 42 lakh rupees freeze from 4 Bank Account

Youtuber Manish Kashyap: YouTuber Manish Kashyap of Bihar’s difficulties keep on increasing. Four bank accounts of Manish Kashyap, who is on the run from the police, have been frozen in connection with the fake video of Bihari laborers being beaten up in Tamil Nadu.

Youtuber Manish Kashyap: The troubles of YouTuber Manish Kashyap of Bihar, who showed fake news of attack on Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu, are increasing continuously. After registering the FIR, the police is actively searching for him. But till now the police have not been able to arrest Manish Kashyap and his another accomplice Yuvraj Singh Rajput.

Now the police have started giving financial compensation to ensure the arrest of these two. Four bank accounts of Manish Kashyap have been frozen by the Economic Offenses Wing of the Bihar Police. 42 lakh rupees are being told in these four bank accounts. Which Manish Kashyap will not be able to remove.

On the other hand, the Patna court on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant against absconding YouTuber Manish Kashyap alias Tripurari Kumar Tiwari and his associate Yuvraj Singh Rajput. The Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) of the Bihar Police had moved the court to issue the warrant.

Accused of making hysterical video viral-

Now EOU has also formed a special team to arrest Manish Kashyap and Yuvraj. Which will go outside Bihar to other states and raid for the arrest of these two. Actually, this legal noose has tightened in the Tamil Nadu case. Manish Kashyap and Yuvraj are accused of making viral the wrong and hysterical video of violence with the people of Bihar living there.

So much money found in four accounts of Manish Kashyap-

EOU investigated a total of 4 bank accounts linked to Manish Kashyap and his foundation. During investigation, Rs 3,37,496 was found in an SBI account in the name of Manish Kashyap, Rs 51,069 in an IDFC Bank account, Rs 3,37,463 in an HDFC Bank account. Whereas, Rs 34,85,909 is available in an HDFC Bank account in the name of Manish Kashyap’s SACHTAK Foundation. All these four accounts have been frozen.

Financially also found evidence of disturbances-

Including the money deposited in all the accounts, a total of Rs 42,11,937 was received. EOU has frozen the money available in all these bank accounts by tightening the screws. In its investigation, EOU has found that Manish Kashyap alias Tripurari Kumar Tiwari has committed financial irregularities through the foundation. Evidence of financial irregularities has been found. A thorough investigation is now being done in this matter.

The person who posted the photo of arrest arrested from Patna-

The EOU has arrested the person who posted a photo of Manish Kashyap’s arrest two days back from Patna with a Twitter handle in the name of Manish Kashyap. EOU had registered FIR No. 5/23 for misleading people by spreading rumors of arrest. Prashant Kumar, a resident of Buxar, the primary accused in this case has been arrested.


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