Adipurush Controversy: Controversial dialogues of ‘Hanuman’ deliberately written, Manoj Muntashir

Adipurush Controversy : The film ‘Adipurush’ is surrounded in controversies at the moment. Anger is being seen among the people regarding the dialogue of the film. Meanwhile, Manoj Muntashir while keeping his side told why he wrote such dialogues for this film.

Adipurush Audience Review
Adipurush Audience Review

Adipurush Controversy : ‘Adipurush’ is one of the biggest films of this year. It finally released on the big screen on 16th June. As the day progressed on Friday, reviews about the film started pouring in. After which the dialogue of the film and the looks of the actors were criticized. Hanuman’s spoken dialogue went viral on Twitter. In which questions were raised about the language. The dialogues in the film are written by Manoj Muntashir. He started getting trolled. Along with this, director Om Raut also came under attack. Now Manoj has given clarification about this.

Manoj Muntashir broke the silence

The dialogue of Hanuman which has created a ruckus, Manoj says that it has been intentionally kept like this so that people of today can connect with him. This thing has been said in common language. After the controversies, Manoj gave an interview to Republic TV. He says, ‘Why only Hanuman ji is being talked about? There should also be talk about the dialogues of Lord Shri Ram. Mother Sita’s dialogues where she challenges should be talked about. What is weak in these dialogues?

Adipurush Audience Review : After listening to these dialogues of 'Adipurush' you will also say, Brother!.....
Adipurush Audience Review : After listening to these dialogues of ‘Adipurush’ you will also say, Brother!…..

What did you say on the dialogue of the film

When asked if it was intentionally kept so that it becomes easier for the audience? In response to this question, he says, ‘Definitely it has been kept intentionally. The dialogues for Bajrangbali have been written with complete thought. We’ve kept it simple. One thing has to be understood that if there are many characters in the film, then everyone cannot speak the same language. There will be diversity.

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