Best friend’s murder happened in front of MC Stan, a conspiracy was hatched to kill the rapper too

Mc Stan: Bigg Boss 16 may have ended, but discussions about the contestants related to it often happen. The winner of the season, MC Stan often remains in headlines. Now the rapper has made a shocking disclosure. The rapper told that his friend was murdered in front of him.

Mc Stan: After winning the trophy of Bigg Boss 16, the doors of MC Stan’s luck have opened. MC got full support of his fans in Bigg Boss house, due to which he also became the winner of the show. Now rappers often remain in the headlines. Stan’s following on social media is increasing every day. However, it was not so easy for him to reach here. Now recently he has told something that everyone is surprised to hear. Recently, MC Stan has told one of the most horrifying anecdotes related to his life. A very close friend has lost his life in front of his eyes. He was murdered on that friend’s birthday.

MC Stan recently said in a podcast, ‘A very close friend has lost his life in front of my eyes. It was his birthday and he was cutting his cake when he was attacked from behind with a knife. He was murdered in front of my eyes. I can never forget this.

He said that he was stabbed several times in the throat. Still remembering him… Some people even conspired to kill me. Attempts were made to kill me too many times, but I escaped from there.

During this, the rapper also talked about winning Bigg Boss. ‘My mother and father were crying,’ he said. They were saying where did I come from and where have I reached. His words have no value.

The rapper has been in the news since his exit from Bigg Boss. The doors of MC Stan’s fortunes have opened since the show. After singing, MC Stan is all set to try his hand in the acting world as well. MC is going to debut in Bollywood soon.

As per the information MC has got a big break. He has been approached for the upcoming film of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. If reports are to be believed, it is Shahrukh’s film Jawan, for which MC is being talked about. MC’s debut with the Pathan of Bollywood will rock. After this news, the fans of the rapper are very happy.

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