Elvish Yadav Ex Girlfriend : Who is Elvish Yadav’s ex-girlfriend? youtubers cry even after breakup

Elvish Yadav Ex Girlfriend : These days Elvish Yadav is all the rage in Bigg Boss. This contestant is being liked a lot in the house. But do you know about the beauty who created a stir in his heart, for whom Elvish was mad. Amidst all this, do you know about the real Elvish love? Yes, even though he is seen flirting with many girls in ‘Bigg Boss‘, but in reality he has not shown his interest in any girl.

Ever since Elvish Yadav entered the house in Bigg Boss, everyone has been crazy about him, his fans are also seen supporting him a lot outside. Whereas, Elvish seems to be very close to the two girls in the house. After entering the house, his pairing was solid with Babika Dhurve but later he was also seen getting closer to Manisha Rani. In such a situation, today we will tell you about his ex-girlfriend.

Elvish Yadav’s ex-girlfriend Kriti Mehra is an Indian YouTuber and TikToker. She is known for her comedy videos. Kriti and Elvish started dating in 2015 and were together for almost 6 years. In 2021, they announced their separation.

There are many reasons for the breakup of Kriti and Elvish. One reason is that they both have different personalities. Kriti is a very social person who always likes to be surrounded by people, while Elvish is a more introverted person who does not feel comfortable spending time with people.

Another reason for the breakup is that they both are with different career goals. Kriti wants to become a YouTuber, while Elvish wants to become an actor. These different goals created a strain in their relationship and eventually forced them to separate.

After the breakup of Kriti and Elvish, both have chosen different paths. Kriti has continued her career on YouTube and is now a successful YouTuber. Elvish started his career in acting and he is now a popular actor.

Kriti and Elvish’s breakup left their fans disappointed, but both of them are now happy in their new lives. Kriti is getting success in her career and Elvish is progressing in his acting career. Both have learned lessons from their breakup and are now moving forward in their lives.

( Elvish Yadav Ex Girlfriend ) Was in love with a girl named Kriti

For your information, let us tell you that there used to be a girl in the life of Elvish Yadav. They have had a breakup some time back. Elvish’s ex’s name is Kriti Mehra. Both had dated each other for a long time but this relationship could not reach marriage.

This was the reason for the breakup

Elvish and Kriti used to make videos together but then what happened that the two parted ways. Rumors had surfaced that Elvish had cheated on Kriti. Their fans were also saddened to know the reason Kriti had given behind the separation. He had said that both of them are different from each other and their thinking is also quite different.

Kriti and Elvish’s breakup teaches us that love is not always true. Sometimes, people grow apart due to different reasons, such as different personalities, different goals or different ideologies. In such a situation, it is important that we are honest with our partner and tell them about the things that are bothering us. If we don’t do this, it can harm our relationship.


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