Nipah Virus : Panic of Nipah virus in this state, orders to close schools for two days

Nipah Virus : The ‘Bangladesh variant’ of Nipah virus is spreading rapidly in the southern state of Kerala. Yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, the fifth case of Nipah virus was registered, after which all educational institutions in Kozhikode district of Kerala have been closed for two days. The fifth case reported is of a health worker who tested positive for virus. It is expected that ICMR will make monoclonal antibodies available for the treatment of all infected patients on Thursday.

There is increasing concern about the outbreak of Nipah virus in Kerala. The total number of cases now stands at five after one more case was reported on Wednesday. One of these is also of a health worker.

Schools have been closed for two days in Kozhikode district. District DM A Geeta said that students have been instructed to study online.

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virus is a deadly virus which is spread by bats. This virus can spread to humans through contact with the feces or saliva of bats.

Symptoms of this virus include high fever, headache, shortness of breath and sore throat. In some cases this virus can cause encephalitis, which can lead to coma and even death.

There is no cure for Nipah virus, but monoclonal antibodies can reduce symptoms.

The Kerala government has taken several steps to prevent the spread of kerala virus. These include running cleaning campaigns in the affected areas, destroying bat nests and making people aware.

Here are some tips to prevent kerala  virus:

Avoid contact with bats.
Avoid touching any surface infected with bat feces or saliva.
Avoid coming in contact with an infected person.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

If you see symptoms of virus, contact a doctor immediately.

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