Pig Kidney Successfully Transplanted into Human for the First Time

Pig Kidney Successfully Transplanted into Human: Washington. Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, have transplanted a pig’s kidney into a human for the first time. The team of doctors succeeded in transplanting a genetically modified pig kidney to Richard Slayman, 62, of Weymouth, on March 16. Slayman is currently healthy and will be released from the hospital soon.

Miracle of engineering in pig kidney

– In the year 1954, the world’s first kidney transplant was done in this hospital.
Miracle of engineering in pig kidney: lakhs of people will benefit

The world’s first kidney transplant was performed in this hospital in 1954.

This breakthrough is a major achievement in the field of medicine

– This is expected to provide life to millions of people

Slayman was suffering from kidney failure for 11 years. In 2018, he was implanted with a human kidney, but within five years it started deteriorating and Slayman would be on dialysis from 2023. After this the doctors decided to transplant the pig’s kidney. It is worth noting that every year lakhs of patients lose their lives waiting for kidney transplant, even if they get it, the process is quite complicated.
The pig kidney transplanted to Richard was developed by scientists at the Cambridge Center for Eogenesis in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, on which they had been researching for a long time. In this process, scientists first inactivated retroviruses from pigs, which could cause infection in humans. After this, human genes were added to it, which increased its capacity.

Dr. Robert Montgomery of Langone Transplant Institute said that this step is a new chapter in the field of gene transplantation. Xenotransplantation means transplanting organs of a non-human organism into a human being. Montgomery said that millions of people around the world have to suffer from kidney failure. This will be a big relief for such patients.

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