Satish Kaushik Death Delhi Police is Probing in Case, PM Modi says

Satish Kaushik Death Case: The entire Bollywood industry is mourning the death of famous actor and directorSatishKaushik. Leader-actor as well as others are paying tribute to Satish Kaushik. Here, the Delhi Police has started an investigation into the unusual death of Satish Kaushik.

Satish Kaushik Death Case: Bollywood’s famous actor and director Satish Kaushik, who made people laugh with his performance, died at the age of 66. The entire Bollywood industry is immersed in mourning due to his death. Along with this, Kaushik’s fans have also got a big shock. People can’t believe that the actor who made everyone laugh left like this. Satish Kaushik was seen playing Holi with film stars in Mumbai, a day before Holi on March 7.

On March 8, he reached Delhi to celebrate Holi with his family members. Where his health deteriorated in the night and his death was confirmed on Thursday morning. The Delhi Police has started an investigation into the unusual death of Satish Kaushik. It is closely investigating the whole incident of Satish Kaushik coming from Mumbai to Delhi, celebrating Holi here, then deteriorating health and death. Here, on the death of Satish Kaushik, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also paid tribute to him by tweeting.

What did PM Modi say on the death of Satish Kaushik?

On the death of Satish Kaushik, PM Modi tweeted, “Saddened by the untimely demise of noted film personality Satish Kaushik ji. He was a creative genius who won hearts with his prodigious acting and directorial talent. His work used to entertain people.” Will remain. Condolences to his family and fans. Om Shanti.”

What information was given by his nephew on the death of Satish Kaushik

Here, Satish Kaushik’s nephew Nishan Kaushik has told the media that Satish Kaushik had gone to celebrate Holi at a friend’s house in Gurugram and suffered a heart attack there. After this he was taken to Fortis Hospital but his life could not be saved. The news of his death came to light in the early hours of Thursday. At present, his body has been kept in the mortuary of the hospital. Satish Kaushik’s postmortem has been done at Deen Dayal Hospital in Delhi.

Police engaged in investigation of Satish Kaushik’s death case

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police engaged in the investigation of Satish Kaushik’s death case said that the Delhi Police is taking regular action under Section 174 of the CrPC. The objective is to find out whether the deathoccurredundermysterious circumstances or whether the person died of unnatural causes. According to the information received, the police was not informed earlier about the deteriorating health of Satish Kaushik. After his death, the police were informed about Kaushik’s death from the hospital.

Death due to heart attack confirmed in postmortem report

In the initial investigation, the police said that nothing suspicious has been found in the investigation so far. The post-mortem of Satish Kaushik has been completed. According to information received from sources, the postmortem report has said that death was due to heart attack. No injury marks were found on the body of Satish Kaushik. Although officially the post mortem report is yet to come.

What did Anupam Kher say on the death of Satish Kaushik?

Here, his close friend and famous Bollywood star Anupam Kher, who was the first to inform about Satish Kaushik’s death, said that he will regret his whole life that he left at a young age. He was a very good actor, we both are from lower class family and we have reached here with our hard work. We are proud that this city has given us this opportunity.

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