Uttarakhand : No one will be harassed in the name of removing encroachment, action on land jihad will continue: CM Dhami

Uttarakhand Encroachment Removal Action : In Uttarakhand, people are protesting against the ongoing campaign to remove encroachments. In view of this protest, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has assured that no person will be harassed in the name of removal of encroachment.

Dhami said that action will continue against those who stand as symbols of land jihad in the forest land. He said that this action is not against any religion or community. This action is against illegal encroachment.

Dhami said that a committee has been constituted to remove the encroachment. The committee will have to ensure that no person is harassed while removing the encroachment.

Even after this statement of Dhami, the protest of the people is not expected to reduce. People say that the government is troubling the poor in the name of removing encroachments.

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Opposition parties have also accused the government of harassing the poor in the name of removing encroachments. He said that the government should stop this campaign immediately.

The ongoing drive to remove encroachments in Uttarakhand has become a controversial issue. There is a lot of resentment among the people regarding this campaign.

Land Jihad is a controversial issue in Uttarakhand. Some believe that land jihad is a real threat, while others consider it a misconception.

Land jihad means using the acquisition of land to increase the population and influence of Muslims in an area. This theory is often used to increase tensions between Hindus and Muslims.

Allegations of land jihad in Uttarakhand started in 2022. Then, some people alleged that people from the Muslim community were illegally occupying the forest land. The government set up a committee to investigate these allegations. The committee found in its report that in some cases illegal encroachment had taken place, but it was not a case of land jihad.

However, there is resentment among the people regarding the allegations of land jihad. In 2023, the government launched a campaign to remove illegal encroachment on forest land. Many tombs and mosques were demolished during this campaign.

There have been many controversies regarding the allegations of land jihad. Some people believe that these allegations are being made to increase communal tension. Others believe that these allegations are serious and should be investigated.

Land Jihad is a complex issue in Uttarakhand. There are different points of view on this issue. It is important that this issue is discussed and debated in a peaceful manner.

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