Dehradun Dengue Cases : What are the causes and symptoms of dengue? You will be surprised to know the record of last 3 years of dengue

Dehradun Dengue Cases : Even before the arrival of winters, the risk of dengue increases a lot. This is such a serious disease, due to which thousands of people die every year in the country. Dengue is caused by mosquitoes, so we need to keep our surroundings very clean so that dengue mosquitoes do not breed in them. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have every smallest and biggest information about this disease, so how does dengue happen, what are its symptoms and what are the ways to avoid it? Know everything immediately.

Dehradun Dengue Cases
Dehradun Dengue Cases

The sting of dengue is not sparing even children. The situation is that the Piku ward of the Medical College, which is vacant on normal days, is running full. Dengue has been confirmed in 200 children in the Medical College alone in the last one week. It is heartening that 151 of these children have been completely cured. Suspected dengue patients are also being admitted and treated in another part of Piku ward. 108 children with such symptoms are admitted in the Piku ward.

Dehradun Dengue Cases
Dehradun Dengue Cases

Seven-year-old Gudiya is admitted in the Piku ward for the last four days. He was having fever for the last one week. His father Sandeep says that the fever would have subsided with the medicine, but would come back later. When blood test was done, dengue was confirmed. It is said that when the medical college was contacted, the child was admitted to Piku ward. Now there is a lot of relief after four days of treatment, but his daughter is insisting on going home instead of the hospital. Told that the attendants are allowed to stay and talk with the patient, so that the child does not face any problem.

Dehradun Dengue Cases
Dehradun Dengue Cases

‘Don’t know how the child got hit by dengue’ Eight year old Aslam is also admitted here for two days. His father says that there is no such outbreak of mosquitoes in the locality, yet he doesn’t know how his child got infected with dengue. He said that now his child is much more relaxed than the first day. If everything goes well, they will be sent home in a day or two.

Due to changing weather, dengue cases are increasing day by day. If we talk about Dehradun only, more than 562 cases of dengue have been reported so far, 562 cases of dengue have been reported in Dehradun in 2023. Of these, 442 people have recovered and gone home, while 38 people are undergoing treatment in two medical colleges. Dengue cases are continuously increasing in Dehradun. In 2022, 275 cases of dengue were reported in Dehradun.

Several factors are responsible for the increasing cases of dengue in Dehradun, including rainy season, climate change and accumulation of sufficient water for mosquitoes to breed.

In India, the number of dengue cases has been increasing steadily over the last three years. In 2020, 2,32,439 cases of dengue were recorded in the country, which was 62% higher than the 1,45,054 cases reported in 2019. In 2021, the number of dengue cases further increased to 2,96,338, a 29% increase over 2020.

In 2023, dengue cases are still increasing. As of July 2023, 2,22,417 cases of dengue were reported in India, a 70% increase from 1,31,045 cases reported during the same period last year.

Several factors are responsible for the increasing cases of dengue, including climate change, urbanization and not taking enough steps to stop the spread of mosquitoes.

The record of dengue cases in India for the last three years is as follows:

2020 – 2,32,439

2021 – 2,96,338

2023 (by July) – 2,22,417

Dengue can be a serious illness, which can sometimes lead to death. Symptoms of dengue include fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain and skin rash. In severe cases of dengue, bleeding, organ failure, and death can occur.

The same Dehradun DM Sonika reviewed the arrangements made in various hospitals of the district to deal with dengue. He inspected District Hospital, Gandhi Shatabdi, Doon Medical College, CMI, Mahant Indresh Hospital, Kanishk Hospital. He told the Chief Medical Officer that dengue wards should be reserved in all private hospitals and the status of beds should be shown on the information board.

He instructed to increase beds during the inspection of Coronation and Gandhi Shatabdi. The beds in the dengue ward in Gandhi Shatabdi were vacant, on which the District Magistrate instructed to send the patients to Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital. The District Magistrate also inquired about the condition of the dengue victims and asked the Timardars whether they were facing any problem. While inspecting the Doon Medical College Blood Bank, the DM instructed to paste the information about available blood and platelets on the notice board.

He said that this information should also be broadcasted on the LED boards outside the blood bank. Apart from this, instructions were also given to appoint a counselor. If platelets were less than 10 thousand, they were asked to get cross checked from another lab. Instructed the doctors of Coronation District Hospital to do rounds in the wards and sampling should be done 24 hours.

Although people infected with dengue recover within a week or two, but those who do not get timely treatment, their problems start increasing. For example, unbearable pain in the stomach, vomiting that does not stop and blood in urine or vomit, this condition can be fatal. Therefore, identify its symptoms and get treatment immediately.

If there is a suspicion of dengue, the first thing the doctor asks for is a blood test. After this, in case of dengue, treatment starts based on its symptoms. According to health experts, there is no separate treatment for dengue fever. Doctors simply recommend drinking as much fluids as possible. In dengue, the amount of platelets also starts falling, in such a situation the patient needs better treatment.

To stay safe from dengue, wear full clothes as much as possible during the day. Because dengue mosquitoes bite most during the day. Apart from this, dengue mosquitoes breed more in water, so do not allow water to accumulate at one place. By keeping these things in mind, dangerous diseases like dengue can be avoided.

Let us tell you, if pregnant women have dengue, there is a risk of spreading the virus to the baby in the stomach. Therefore, great care should be taken during pregnancy.

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