Uttarkashi Tunnel : Rescued laborers are admitted in Chinyalisaur Community Health Center of Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi Tunnel : 41 laborers rescued from Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi on Tuesday 28th November are admitted in Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre. Doctors are taking moment-to-moment updates on the health of these workers. Along with this, psychologists are also trying to normalize the mental health of these laborers trapped in the tunnel for 17 days at Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre.

Uttarkashi Tunnel
Uttarkashi Tunnel

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will reach Chinyalisaur Community Health Center on November 30 and meet the rescued workers. During this time, he will also give a check of Rs 1 lakh each to all the workers.

The condition of the rescued workers is improving. Doctors said that the health of all the workers is fine. However, some workers are complaining of mild fever and vomiting and diarrhea. The doctors have decided to keep these laborers admitted in the hospital for a few days.

Many of the rescued laborers are facing a lot of mental problems. In such a situation, psychologists are continuously making efforts to improve the mental condition of these laborers.

41 workers trapped in tunnel due to falling debris while working Uttarkashi Tunnel

Let us tell you that while working on the day of Diwali, 41 laborers got trapped inside due to sudden debris falling in the tunnel. He lived nine days of his life by eating only dry fruits and gram and drinking water from the source flowing inside. They had no bed to sleep on and no toilet facilities. The cheerful spirit of all the workers in Operation Silkyara became an example.

When the accident occurred in the tunnel at around 5:30 am on November 12, only a four-inch pipe was left to hear the voices of the workers. When everyone was first talked to, it came to light that everyone had survived, but were trapped. After this he started feeling hungry, but there was no medium through which food could be sent to him.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue is a big achievement. Army, NDRF, SDRF and local administration played an important role in this rescue.


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