Who are Munna Qureshi and Vakil Khan? Played an important role in saving 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Operation: All 41 laborers trapped in Silkyara-Dandalgaon Tunnel of Uttarakhand since November 12 have been rescued. After this, a wave of happiness spread throughout the country. The people of the country including PM Modi are praising the hard work and patience of all the rescue workers associated with the rescue team.

Saluting the spirit of all the people, he said that all the people involved in this mission presented a wonderful example of humanity and teamwork. Several government agencies with their huge forces were deployed 24X7 in the unpredictable terrain of the tunnel. Munna Qureshi and Vakil Khan played an important role in saving 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel. Let us know about Qureshi and Khan.

Who is Munna Qureshi?

Munna Qureshi is a 29-year-old rat-hole miner who works in a Delhi-based company. This is a trenchless engineering services company that cleans sewer and water lines. He was one of dozens of rat-hole miners who were brought to Uttarakhand on Monday to remove the last 12 meters of debris.

What is rat-hole mining?

The rat-hole was the last resort of a miner rescue operation after the American-made auger machine was forced out of the tunnel after it broke down. Rat-hole mining is a method of extracting coal by digging small pits. Due to being unscientific, it was banned as a method of coal extraction in 2014.

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First rescue workers to meet 41 people

Munna Qureshi said he removed the last rock on Tuesday evening and found 41 trapped workers. Munna Qureshi said, he hugged me, clapped and thanked me a lot.

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These were also heroes including Vakil Khan and Mainu Kumar.

Monu Kumar, Vakil Khan, Firoz, Parsadi Lodhi and Vipin Rajout were the other miners who reached the stranded people after their arduous operation. The people present inside the tunnel, who had been waiting for success for a long time, jumped with joy on seeing him and hugged him.


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