Dehradun Pinku Case : An innocent child died in Dehradun’s Doon Hospital

Dehradun Pinku Case  :  An innocent child died in Dehradun’s Doon Hospital. The child’s name was Pinku and his age was only one year. Pinku died after a fight between his parents. Pinku’s father was demanding money for liquor. When his wife refused, he got angry and pulled the tube out of the child’s mouth. Due to this the child had difficulty in breathing and he died.

( Dehradun Pinku Case ) Pinku’s father has been arrested by the police and a murder case has been registered against him. The child’s mother and maternal grandparents are shocked by this incident. They want that Pinku’s father should be punished severely.

Dehradun Pinku Case
Dehradun Pinku Case

The couple was living separately for a year

The child’s mother Nisha told that four years ago she was married to Lala Chauhan, a resident of Bulandshahr. Husband used to drink a lot, that’s why there were fights. When the child was born a year ago, she was in her maternal home. When the health of the child deteriorated, the husband came to see her. While she was sitting near her child, the husband started demanding money from her. When she refused, the husband angrily pulled out the tube of the baby and slapped me.

This incident highlights a serious issue. Alcohol is a serious problem and it can destroy families. Parents should stay away from alcohol so that they do not harm their children.

Pinku’s death is a sad incident. It reminds us that we should do everything possible to protect our children. We should keep them away from alcohol and other intoxicants and provide them a safe and healthy environment.

We all should together fight against alcohol so that such incidents do not happen again.


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