Uttarakhand Transport Corporation UTC bus suddenly caught fire in Lachhiwala of Doiwala

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation’s bus suddenly caught fire in Lachhiwala of Doiwala. The fire started in the clothes kept near the engine of the bus. Smoke filled the bus due to the fire and there was panic among the passengers. The driver sensibly stopped the bus on the roadside and took out all the passengers safely. The fire engine reached the spot to extinguish the fire and the fire was brought under control. There was some damage to the bus due to the fire, but there was no major accident.

After the incident, the police has started investigation. Uttarakhand  Police believe that the fire must have started in the clothes kept near the engine. The cause of the fire in the clothes is being investigated.

It has become clear from this incident that there is a danger of fire in buses. That’s why passengers should take care of some important things to prevent fire in buses. As:

Do not keep clothes or other items in the places where there is a possibility of fire in the bus.

In case of fire in the bus, be patient and get out of the bus calmly.
After getting out of the bus, go to a safe place and inform the police.

The government should also take some steps to reduce the damage caused due to fire in buses. As:

All buses should be made according to fire safety standards.
Fire extinguishers should be installed in the buses.
Bus drivers should be trained about fire safety.
With these steps, incidents of fire in buses can be reduced and the safety of passengers can be ensured.

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