Tunganath Mahadev Mandir : Fight broke out between Pandit and VIP in Tunganath Mahadev temple

Tunganath Mahadev Mandir : The fight between the Pandit and the passengers at Shri Tungnath Mahadev Temple is a very unfortunate incident. This incident is not good for any religion or belief.

Two reasons for the fight are emerging. One reason is that a pilgrim insisted on performing puja for two hours in the Sabha Mandap. On this the priest explained to the passenger, but the passenger did not agree and attacked the priest. The second reason is that the passengers allege that the Pandits made the VIPs have darshan without standing in line. The passengers became angry at this and created a ruckus in the temple.


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We believe that the provision of VIP darshan is wrong. This system promotes discrimination and creates distance among the devotees of God. The system of VIP darshan should be stopped.

We condemn this incident and appeal to both sides to maintain peace. We hope that by learning from this incident such incidents do not happen in future.

Here are some suggestions on how such incidents can be prevented:

The system of VIP darshan should be stopped.
Proper arrangements should be made for darshan in temples.
Programs should be organized to increase communication and understanding between the temple priests and the pilgrims.

It is hoped that by implementing these suggestions such incidents will not happen in future.

Our Comments –

The policy of VIP darshan has been made by the government, which is actually very wrong, but there is no point in creating chaos in the Dhams like this. VIP culture is wrong and should stop. For this there is a need to raise voice before the government.

This system of VIP darshan which creates distance between devotees and God should be stopped in all the temples. How can it be justified to discriminate among the devotees of God?

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