The Biggest Project of Dehradun, Way Clear for 26-km Elevated Road on Rispana-Bindal

elevated road in dehradun : The way is looking clear for the city’s biggest project, the elevated road. The government is moving towards the approval of the DPR of the elevated road that is more than 26 kilometers long and has a budget of more than ₹5,500 crore on the banks of the Rispana and Bindal rivers.

However, before that, the DPR will be tested based on the model study by IIT Roorkee. This will ensure that the project remains safe even in the event of maximum flooding in both rivers. IIT Roorkee has been given this responsibility for ₹45 lakh. The study has to be completed within four months.

The process of building an elevated road on the banks of the Bindal and Rispana rivers with four to six lanes was first started in 2019. However, the matter was put on hold due to the Corona infection later. On the challenge of increasing traffic in the city, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Chief Secretary Dr SS Sandhu had called for the file in April 2022. In this sequence, steps are being taken towards the DPR and a model study is being conducted.

According to Jitendra Tripathi, Executive Engineer, Provincial Division of PWD, the length of both the elevated roads will be more than 26 kilometers. The mathematical model of the model study will be conducted in the entire area of ​​the project, while the ground study will be selected for narrow and other sensitive areas. On this basis, the DPR can also be upgraded. The report of the study will be sent to the government and construction will be started as per the approval.

The project is estimated to cost more than ₹5,500 crore.

This will be the scope of the elevated road, this will be the benefit

The first elevated road will start from Rispana Bridge near the Assembly and will connect with Nagla Bridge adjacent to Rajpur Road. The second elevated road will start from Lalpul in Patel Nagar area and will connect with Hathibarkala junction of New Cantt Road. The purpose of both roads is to connect vehicles coming from outside areas to Mussoorie Road without entering the city. So that unnecessary pressure of vehicles does not increase within the city.

Construction will be done covering both banks of the river

According to PWD officials, the construction of the elevated road will be done by erecting pillars on both banks of the Rispana and Bindal rivers. This road will be prepared in the form of a flyover on pillars that is longer than usual.

This will be the length of the project

From Rispana Bridge to Nagla Bridge, 11 kilometers

From Lalpul to Hathibarkala junction, 15 kilometers

The elevated road project is expected to reduce traffic congestion in Dehradun significantly. It will also help to reduce pollution and improve air quality. The project is expected to be completed in four to five years.


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